Hunting Hearing Protection

As a hunter or shooter, your hearing is a vital sense to your success. Nu-Life Hearing Centre offers a full product line of digital hearing instruments and custom hearing protection that can enhance as well as protect your hearing. Depending on the application and activity, you may require either maximum attenuation or the combination of amplification and hearing protection. All of our amplification products are fully digital and programmable circuits, and will not amplify sound over 85dB. Sound is exceptionally clear and fine tuned to your hearing ability.

Solid Earplugs

Solid Earplugs $175.00/pair 

Custom fit solid earplugs provide maximum noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. The corded option allows wearers to place the plugs over their necks when they're not in use. Solid earplugs are also available in several materials and textures.

Hunters’ Ears - BTE

Hunters’ Ears - BTE $400.00-$2000.00/ear

The Hunters' Ear is a behind the ear digital hearing aid that is accurately programmed to the users hearing ability to enhance his/her surroundings but also acts as a hearing protection device with noise exposure above 85dB. This is the ultimate choice for the serious gamer and comes with the option of a custom molded earplug to guarantee maximum hearing protection.

Sonic Valve Earplug

Sonic Valve Earplug $255.00

The Sonic Valve earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments, takes the "sting" out of gun blast noises and helps reduce "noise hangover" from loud sound.Unlike earmuffs or solid earplugs, the Sonic Valve's open fit reduces high level noises while enabling you to hear the subtle sounds of a conversation.
This Product is not recommended for continual gun fire.

Hunters’ Ear - ITE

Hunters’ Ear - ITE $400.00-$2000.00

For those who prefer a custom fit, this top-of-the-line model offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and performance. Volume control is on the faceplate to further “tune” into your game.