Motorsports - Custom Fit Hearing Protection

As a hunter or shooter, your hearing is a vital sense to your success. Nu-Life Hearing Centre offers a full product line of digital hearing instruments and custom hearing protection that can enhance as well as protect your hearing. Depending on the application and activity, you may require either maximum attenuation or the combination of amplification and hearing protection. All of our amplification products are fully digital and programmable circuits, and will not amplify sound over 85dB. Sound is exceptionally clear and fine tuned to your hearing ability.

Motorcycle Earplugs

Motorcycle Earplugs $175.00/pair 

Custom fit Moto earplugs provide maximum noise protection while riding a motorcycle. The unique design allows for excellent wind noise reduction up to 32 dB with a comfortable and effective seal of the ear canal. Moto earplugs are available in numerous colors and material options.

Filtered Plug

Filtered Plug $200.00/pair 

These earplugs have an acoustic filter to allow communication between workers. While most hearing protection seals off the ear, effectively blocking any sound from entering, this high frequency noise filter sound through in a safe, effective way.

Custom In-Ear-Mic Earphones

Custom In-Ear-Mic Earphones $200.00

Reduce unwanted noise while on your cell phone with a custom molded pair of Mic Earphones. The earphones come standard with a microphone equipped with a push to talk/end button to receive and drop calls. The earphones will also stream music from your device while sitting comfortably in your ear canals. Available in various models, colors and brands including; Sennheiser, and our exclusive Nu-Life brand.

Custom Mini-Monitors

Custom Mini-Monitors $175.00

Enhance the comfort and clarity of your music with a custom fitted in ear earphone. This product effectively reduces unwanted noise and allows for a more reduced comfortable listening level. Many various brands of earphones available including Starkey, Sennheisser and other professional brands.

Personal Audio Monitors

Personal Audio Monitors $350.00

For active individuals to enjoy music and who want to upgrade from standard stereo earbuds. Perfect for travel, exercise, or motorsports. The electronics are built within a silicone full shell custom earpiece and uses a standard 3.5mm jack. Available in many colours.