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Verifying Hearing Instruments Using REM
by Chelsea McDonald H.I.D & Ryan Steckley H.I.S

   As Hearing Instrument Specialist, it is our job to provide our clients with the best hearing possible, using best practices. These best practices include a proper audiometric assessment, hearing aid selection, counseling, fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments. Proper fitting and programming practicing have a big influence on whether or not the client wears the hearing aid or puts it away for safe keeping.


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What is “TINNITUS”?
by Ryan Steckley H.I.S

As we approach “hearing awareness month”, I thought it would be relative to write about tinnitus, a very common medical condition that many of us experience. Tinnitus is a medical term for ringing in the ears’, often interpreted as “ringing”, “buzzing”, “hissing”, “static” or “crickets”.

by Ryan Steckley H.I.S

   As we approach the end of 2014, I have noticed a steady increase in the concern of hearing loss and how it affects our daily lives. So my question to the public who are concerned about hearing loss is: are people becoming more aware of hearing loss because of the fact that they cannot hear as well as they used to? Or, is it that people are becoming more educated in the subject and issues surrounding hearing loss and are interested in preventavtive measures?
Lets look into some vital signs of hearing loss and what to expect with a hearing impairment. But before we get into the subject of signs of hearing loss, lets first examine some interesting facts on hearing loss.


Self Evaluation
It is a noisy world out there..

Are you experiencing?

  • Difficulty hearing friends or family
  • Trouble communicating with children and female voices
  • Difficulty hearing the television
  • Difficulty following a conversation over the phone
  • Isolation in background noise 
  • Concerns for your safety

Hearing Aid: INFO

     As a Hearing Instrument Practitioner, it is part of my job to help educate the public on hearing awareness and hearing instruments. There is a great lack of education available or known to the general public on hearing instruments and even “hearing “, for that matter. If you have not yet had the chance to attend one of my seminars or open house events and are among those who are at a loss when it comes to hearing instruments; then this short article is just for you.


Motorcycle season is finally here! The days are getting longer, warmer and for many enthusiasts; the motorbikes are out of storage and ready for another riding season. A motorcycle enthusiast myself, I too am excited and have been anticipating this year’s riding season. As your local Hearing Healthcare Professional, I would like to share some helpful/useful information in relation to motorcycles and hearing loss that will not only help prevent hearing loss but will also increase the pleasure in riding this season. 

How We Hear

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Anatomy: HOW WE HEAR

Hearing is a vital part of our five senses.  It is a complex process of picking up sound and attaching meaning to it. The ability to hear is critical to understanding the world around us. 

Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of celebration with family and friends which usually begins at Thanksgiving and stretches though to the New Year. It’s a time of laughter, celebration and good conversation. But that is not the case if you have an untreated hearing loss. In fact, if you are among the many that have hearing loss, you may be experiencing feelings of isolation and depression.

Baby BOOMERS & Hearing Loss

According to Statistics Canada, more than one million adults across the country reported having a hearing-related disability, a number more than 50% greater than the number of people reporting problems with their eyesight (StatsCan, 2002). Other studies indicate that the true number may reach three million or more Canadian adults, as those suffering from hearing loss often under-report their condition or don’t even know they have a loss. People don't hesitate to turn to eyeglasses for better vision; however, when it comes to hearing related matters, it tends to be taken less seriously.


Spring is in the air! As temperatures rise and the sun begins to shine, we can now say good-bye to that white stuff we call snow. Most people are finding themselves to be more productive and now enjoying the outdoors again! It's motorcycle season again, so all those who procrastinated last season on their ear protection, here's an article for you. And just a reminder, Hearing Protection Ontario will be at the next bike show at the Exhibition place on March 28-29th for the National Motorcycle Show. Come check us out for a wide variety of custom made ear plugs to custom made ear phones for your motorcycles or communication needs.

Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Heavy Equipment Show 2009
Special thanks to everyone who attended the National Heavy Equipment Show on March 5th and March 6th. The show was very interesting and exciting and a great success in spreading "hearing awareness". We were very pleased on the amount of interest and concern on hearing conservation and how many people are realizing the potential damage they are doing. It is never too late to protect your hearing, but there is nothing you can do when its gone.