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It’s summer time. People are busy enjoy the warm weather, at the cottage, the beach, enjoying outdoor BBQ’s poolside, camping, hiking, and for some working outdoors in these hot and humid temperatures.
While you’re enjoying this wonderful season, its good to keep in mind some extra precautions when wearing your hearing aid.

When applying sunscreen, remove your hearing aids. With today’s light and comfortable hearing aids, it’s easy to forget they are even in your ears. To prevent any lotions from clogging up the hearing aids microphones, we recommend taking the hearing aids out of your ears when applying sunscreen to your face, neck and ears. Also remember to wash the sunscreen off of your hands after applying so when handling hearing aids, the will stay lotion free.
Take your hearing aids out when going swimming! When around the pool or lake and you know you’ll be swimming. Leave your hearing aids behind. As mentioned above, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing hearing aids and often when you jump in the water, the hearing aids may just end up going for a swim too.
If this does happen, its important to get the hearing aids out of water right away, absorb all water remaining on the hearing instrument. After remaining water is removed, remove battery and leave battery door open. Option one is to place the hearing aid in rice for 24-48 hours. Option two is to keep hearing in a Dry-Aid Kit. Both methods will help illuminate any moisture from the hearing aid. Most hearing aid manufactures do use a special coating to make the hearing aids water resistant, but this doesn’t mean you can take them swimming with you. Unless your hearing aid is waterproof, please keep them away from water including pools, hot tubs, sprinklers etc.)

Do not leave hearing aids in direct sunlight. Hearing aids need to be treated like all of your electronic devices. Leaving electronics in the sunlight can cause problems with your hearing aid such as: faster battery drain, strain on the components of the hearing aids and moisture issues. Most hearing aids have plastic material on them and high temperatures can cause the plastic is become distorted.
When in doubt, contact your specialist. They are here to help you with any problem you come across with your hearing aids.