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Yet again, another happy client! 

Photo: Evelyn, wearing her Phonak ComPilot II accessory. This accessory helps her stream her television straight to her hearing aids. 

Evelyn contacted us in 2013 with multiple issues with her current hearing aids. She was unable to watch the TV and use the telephone. It became quite obvious to us that her hearing aids were insufficient for her hearing loss and her lifestyle. Upon many adjustment to her existing hearing aids we soon realized that they were not the right hearing aids for her. With new advanced technology we were able to fit Evelyn with a hearing aid that is perfect for her lifestlye and hearing loss. She is now able to call her brother long distance and enjoy having conversations again on the telephone! Her neighbours are thrilled at the fact they no longer have to listen to the same show that Evelyn chooses to watch.

Are you listening to TV that you have no choice but to listen to? Is your loved one suffering with a hearing loss that is effecting those around them?

We're more than happy to help clients with existing hearing aids or introduce new users to some of the most advanced technology on the market.

Is your loved one in a nursing home or retirement community? 
We have portable technology that enables us to perform full hearing assessments and adjustments in the comfort of their home.

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