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  1. Have your hearing tested.  Even if you don’t need or are not yet ready to pursue treatment of hearing loss, it’s always a very good idea to establish a baseline for your hearing.

  2. Discuss any concerns you have related to your hearing with a qualified Hearing Healthcare Professional.

  3. Pay attention to any changes you may notice in your environment. Are you turning up the volume on your TV or your Phone? Struggling to hear other people from across the room?

  4. If you notice yourself withdrawing from situations you once enjoyed because it’s difficult to communicate, you need to seek help. If a hearing device is recommended this may help you stay fully engaged and active in your daily activities.

  5. Protect your hearing when exposed to loud noise, a wide range of universal and custom earplugs are available for specific listening situations.

  6. Don’t ignore other symptoms that may be related to your ears. Do your ears “ring” or make “hissing” noises? Do your ears feel full or plugged often? Both can be a sign of hearing loss or a more serious medical issue.

  7. Those who seek help with their hearing early are likely to quickly adapt to hearing devices and have better outcomes. The longer you wait, the harder it is for your ear and your brain to make sense of these “new” sounds.

  8. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing your hearing device online. Gathering information to become an informed consumer is great, but your hearing device should never be purchased online without first seeking the advice of a dedicated Hearing Healthcare Practitioner.

  9. Be aware of other health conditions like (diabetes) that may put you at a greater risk for hearing loss.

  10. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that hearing loss as a minor issue that you can deal with by turning up the volume or asking the people around you to speak louder.  Untreated hearing loss has been linked to higher incidences of depression, cognitive impairment, and imbalance/falls. Making sure to keeping your ears fully active can have a positive effect on your overall health.  


Hearing loss comes in all shapes and sizes. A hearing device that works great for one person may not be appropriate for another's hearing loss. Choosing a trusted team of professionals who will guide you through the process of identifying and understanding your hearing loss and walk you through the steps to improve your hearing in the situations that matter most is the best thing you can do.


Choose the Right Specialists for Your Hearing Instruments

The hearing experts at Nu-Life Hearing Centre can identify the causes, and the solutions, to your personal hearing loss situation.

At Nu-Life Hearing Centre, our team is dedicated to making sure our clients are completely happy and comfortable with their hearing instruments. We will make sure that your visits are productive and leave you feeling as if you can take control of your hearing and stop missing out on your daily life activities. Contact us today (905) 697-3838 for a state of the art hearing evaluation and consultation.