How to Protect Against Hearing Loss

Ear Protection


Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is a natural part of aging. Figures indicate that one out of seven individuals does not have full hearing and one out of ten hears so poorly that a hearing aid would help. By our twenties, we've already lost the ability to perceive sound as an infant can. This gradually progresses throughout our lives and by the time we reach our 40’s or 50’s, significant losses have begun to occur.

More than half of the general public will experience a significant hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by illness (middle ear infections), injury (head trauma), noise exposure (workplace) and it can also be hereditary. With the added factor of prolonged exposure to high intensity noise at work and at home, hearing impairment is becoming even more common at an earlier age. Listening to very loud music, and exposure to loud or repetitive sounds such as machinery, motorcycles, gunfire are all related sources that can lead to hearing loss.