Hearing loss causes



How To Protect Hearing Loss
It's Never Too Early to Start Protecting Your Hearing.
At first, hearing loss may seem harmless or temporary. It may appear as a ringing or buzzing in the ear after leaving a noisy restaurant, concert or sports stadium. If the symptoms disappear, take steps to protect your hearing in the future. Once permanent damage occurs, hearing loss can't be reversed.
To Protect Yourself from Noise 
• Pay attention to noise in your workplace. If the sound level exceeds 85 dBSPL, reduce the noise level or wear hearing protection. 
• Lower the volume of your television, stereo and iPod.
• Be careful not to turn up your car stereo volume too loudly to compensate for noise from the engine or the wind. 
• Wear custom noise filters or solid earplugs if you go to rock concerts or nightclubs. Take a break so your ears can rest, and don't stand near loudspeakers. 
• Wear headphones or solid earplugs for outstanding noise protection if you use noisy equipment such as drills, lawnmowers, etc.

To Avoid Damage from Foreign Objects 
• Don't use cotton wool to protect your ears. Doing so may push wax down onto your eardrum and can increase the production of wax and/or damage the eardrum. 
• Don't put fingers, cotton swabs or towels in your ears. These can also push wax down onto your eardrum and damage your skin. 
• Avoid washing with unclean water to prevent ear infections.