Nu-Life Hearing Center Services

Hearing Assessments & Consultations

Nu-Life Hearing Centre is dedicated to improving ones quality of life by offering complete better hearing healthcare services catered to the individuals hearing needs; focusing on lifestyle adjustments to ensure the well-being of our clients. We go the distance for our clients and it shows with our ex-ceptional customer service, FREE of charge house call service, comprehensive hearing examination and assessments to determine our recommendation to improve the quality of life of our clients.

Hearing Instrument Recommendation

FREE of charge complete hearing instrument recommendation for your hearing healthcare needs.

Warranty and Service Plan

We honour full manufacturer warranty on all of our hearing instruments and offer an exclusive service plan to all our clients to ensure proper performance and maintenance of your instruments.

House Calls

We understand that it may be difficult or inconvenient for some to travel outside their home. Nu-Life hearing Centre offers out of office visits, to cater to these individuals. Our testing equipment is portable, and we can provide hearing testing, ear impressions, and hearing aid fittings.

Hearing Aid Repairs/Earmold Tubing

Full service to all hearing aid manufacturers and maintenance including re-tubing of BTE earmolds.

Hearing Protection Devices

Nu-Life Hearing Centre is dedicated to spreading ‘hearing awareness’ and the importance of protecting your hearing. We carry a full product line of hearing protection devices and communication devices. Please visit our Hearing Protection Centre page for full details on the vast product range.

Assistive Listening Devices/Batteries/Accessories

  • Amplified Telephones
  • Vibrating Alarm Clocks
  • Ear Oil/Earwax Removal Kits
  • Hearing Aid Batteries (size 10,312,13, 675)
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Products
  • Vitamin Supplements for Hearing Healthcare