More than one in seven Americans experiences a degree of hearing loss, ranging from children to adults to seniors. Advancements in technology have affected every aspect of our lives, from the ways we communicate and socialize through to the ways in which we work and relax and the technology used for those hard of hearing is no different. 

Hearing instrument specialists can now offer a variety of hearing aids with better sound clarity than ever before. One of the biggest changes to happen to the hearing aid market in recent years is their transition from analog to digital. Whereas analog hearing aids work by simply amplifying a sound and all the background noise that comes with it, a digital hearing aid transforms sounds into bytes that can then be manipulated to reduce background noise.

In addition to the transformation from analog to digital, hearing aids have also become smarter and have adapted to make maximum use of smartphone technology, resulting in the rise of a new breed of hearing aid which is tagged as made for iPhone. Apple isn’t the only smartphone brand to be branching out into the hearing assistance market with Android too offering its own range of applications targeted at the hard of hearing. Whether made for iPhone, Android or another smartphone provider, hearing aid apps all share some common features such as the ability to control the volume settings of your hearing aid, the ability to use your hearing aid as a receiver for phone calls, the option customize your hearing programs and even the capability to communicate with your HIS remotely should you require assistance. 

So, what are the best hearing aid apps for your smartphone? 

It can be quite difficult to rate hearing aid apps as what is beneficial to one hearing aid user may not be of use to another, it’s therefore often better for each hearing aid user to speak with their HIS and to then try a few apps out themselves to see which one works best for them. By pairing your hearing aids with an app on your smartphone, you’ll have greater control than ever, including:

  • Monitor the efficiency of your hearing aids and batteries – know when your battery is running low and always have a fresh pair on hand when you need them.
  • Easily control your hearing aids settings and programs, whether you’re simply trying to adjust the volume or want to change settings in a crowded restaurant.
  • Pair your devices with compatible technologies in your home to improve your personal sound experience, whether it’s a television soundbar or speaker system.

Every hearing aid manufacturer has an app you can use to connect your devices, but we’ve listed a few of the larger, more robust apps below:

Resound Smart 3D

Resound Smart 3D is compatible with their hearing aid line-up and offers a variety of different conveniences. The app is famous for its very user-friendly interface and comes with a number of tutorials making it a great option for those who find technology a little tricky. Key features of the app include:

  • The ability to adjust the volume of the hearing aid
  • The ability to adjust speech focus and wind noise levels through a sound enhancer
  • A find my hearing aid feature to help with the relocation of lost devices
  • The option to save multiple programs as favorites 
  • The chance to for a HIS to adjust and update the software of your hearing aid remotely

Oticon ON

Oticon ON is available in both the Android and Apple store and can be used to help you pair your devices to other compatible technologies. With Oticon ON, you can connect with other technologies through the internet, whether you want to control the lights in your home or set the thermostat. You can also program your hearing aids to remind you when their batteries are running low or even when someone is at the door.

What to do next?

Finding the right app for your smartphone is important, but it’s crucial you first find the best hearing solution for your specific needs. Our professionals can help match you with the best hearing aids for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget needs. Once you have the right hearing technology, we will educate you on all the compatible apps and devices you can use them with. If you’re ready to explore the added benefits provided by a digital, smart hearing aid and their associated apps, then contact Nu-Life Hearing Centre at (855) 867-7449 to find out more.