When it comes to hearing aids, these advanced devices have the power to improve your quality of life and your daily communication. But, it’s important to understand there is an adjustment period when getting used to your hearing aids, during which you may experience some minor side effects.

Luckily, your hearing instrument specialist will be able to make small tweaks to your settings or even the fit of your hearing aid to combat most of these mild side effects. When adjusting to your hearing aids, consider the following tips:

  • Speak to your hearing instrument specialist and make sure that you have the right hearing aid for your hearing loss
  • Get it checked for its fitting; if it’s not fitting properly this can cause discomfort
  • Ensure that you have all the features that you need turned on
  • Clean your hearing aid properly to prevent a build-up of bacteria and debris
  • Speak to your hearing instrument specialist if you are in any way concerned

Hearing aids side effects

When hearing aids aren’t used correctly or the wrong kind of hearing aid is used, there can be side effects and they can make you feel uncomfortable. Some of the common side effects as a result of these issues include:

  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches
  • Soreness around the ears
  • Skin irritations
  • Itchy ear canals
  • Inability to hear properly
  • Excessive feedback

With the help of your hearing instrument specialist, you can fix these issues pretty quickly. Let’s explore a few of these in more detail!

Headaches and tinnitus

If you are wearing a hearing aid that doesn't have the volume at the correct level, you can start experiencing headaches and ringing in the ears. Sometimes, this can lead to discomfort and that’s not what you want! With the right consultation with your hearing instrument specialist, though, you’ll be able to get this sorted pretty quickly. Hearing aids can take some getting used to when you’re new to them, but this is mainly down to the brain needing to relearn how to filter out the loud noises all over again. This isn’t something that will last, especially as you get used to wearing hearing aids.

Skin irritations and soreness

Sometimes, a hearing aid that fits poorly can be very uncomfortable to wear. Your hearing aid should fit you properly, secure, but comfortable. Otherwise, it’ll cause skin irritation. If it’s too loose the same can happen, too. You can avoid this side effect by going to a hearing instrument specialist and having your devices professionally fit.

Itchy ear canal

Whatever you do, don’t pull the hearing aid out and start scratching your inner ear as you can cause yourself some damage. Instead, clean your ears with a moist cloth to keep the ear canal moisturized and able to handle the hearing aid sitting there.

Sound issues

If the volume of your hearing aids is too low or too high, you can turn this down yourself. However, there are times you may need to see your hearing instrument specialist so that you can get it reprogrammed to be the right volume for you. You should also ensure that there is nothing blocking the receiver or the microphone!

Feedback and interference

Whistling, crackling and hissing are all annoying sounds that you cannot control. However, you can resolve it with the help of a hearing instrument specialist.

Managing your hearing aid side effects

With the help of a hearing instrument specialist, you’ll be able to completely understand how your devices should fit, operate, and how to maintain them. With finetuning and minor adjustments from your hearing instrument specialist, you can rest assured you will get the most out of your devices – comfortably. Similar to glasses, you get used to wearing them over time, too, which makes it much easier! 

Hearing aids can give you back your confidence and ensure that you are comfortable at the same time. You should always see a hearing aid specialist to know whether your hearing aids are fitting you correctly. They will also teach you how to clean it and look after it, too. Hearing aids do not restore lost hearing ability in the same way glasses work for your eyes. They help you to hear better, and you will find that when you are wearing them correctly, you will be more comfortable.

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