Hearing Protection

Hearing protection was not a priority for most people even as the industrial age produced mechanical noise at a huge rate. The problem has grown exponentially with traffic, aircraft and more adding to a noisy world. This loud, concussive noise pollution is damaging to everyone’s hearing.

Nu-Life Hearing Centre offers a comprehensive line of products along with expertise in hearing protection training. There are several general categories of ear protection and many variations. Here are some hearing protection products in which we specialize:

Earmolds and earplugs

One of the best protection products for your ears is the custom-made earmold. Every ear is unique, just like every fingerprint. A mold of your ear is used to make a soft plastic ear protector. The same is done for earplugs, using the same type of mold used to make in-the-ear hearing aids.

Musicians are particularly susceptible to hearing damage (as are workers in loud concert venues). Earmolds and earplugs are useful for musicians as noise reducers but special products made for them allow frequencies through so musicians hear every note but are protected from severely loud sound.

Earplugs and molds are also available for specialty use like swimming and sleeping. They are offered in various materials and eliminate all or most noise, depending on your choices.

Motorcycle earplugs

Motorcycles are notoriously loud and riders can lose hearing ability quickly. Our motorcycle earplugs have a concave/flush design limits wind noise as well. These are made from several materials and textures.

Industrial earplugs

Solid industrial earplugs are custom made and feature a strap that allows them to be easily removed but not lost. Industrial concussive noise is a major factor in hearing loss on the job.

Shooting earplugs

One of the most concussive noise environments is hunting and shooting. Our earplugs offer full protection, cords for hanging from the neck and a variety of materials to choose from.

Filtered earplugs

Like musicians’ earplugs, the filtered plug is ideal for working environments in which loud noise should be excluded but workers talk to each other on the industrial floor. Filters allow that verbal interaction while screening out the loudest noise.

Personal audio monitor

This special type of noise-cancelling headphone is custom molded and designed for use in either quiet or noisy environments to listen to music or other recordings. This silicone ear monitor will not fall out and is ideal for traveling.

Personal Mini monitor

A custom noise-cancelling tip to your earbuds. The custom silicone earbud tip is perfect for anyone who can’t find generic earbuds to fit due to ear size or shape.

Hearing Protection Products We Offer Include:

Hunting Ear Plugs


Hunting, shooting and sudden noise. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times.

Music Hearing Plugs


Ideal for performing musicians and concert-goers. Also great for flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals. Allows wearer to hear sounds accurately, but at reduced levels. Three filter options available: 9dB, 15dB or 25dB.

Swim Plugs


For swimming and showering – and they FLOAT! Also provide superb noise reduction.

Sleep Plugs


Offers comfortable and uninterrupted rest. Also great for shift workers with non-traditional hours.

Motorsport Plugs


Designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting.

Occupational Plugs


Ideal for high-noise industrial environments.