As every year passes, the innovation in terms of hearing aid technology increases. Becoming more and more state-of-the-art, the price of the hearing aids reflects the advanced and streamlined technology. Hearing instrument specialists are experts when it comes to selecting, fitting and repairing hearing aid technology, making them the go-to professional if you think you may have hearing loss. So, what are some of the newest types of hearing aid technology that is available or in conception and development?

Hearing aids that use artificial intelligence

Over the years, people have become captivated with the idea of using artificial intelligence. From applications within mobile phones to technology within shops, it is everywhere. But people might not have ever thought that AI can be used within hearing aids. This modern innovation makes the hearing aid almost like a personal assistant. It will ask whether you want to adapt the sound that you are hearing to be more comfortable and will learn from the way that you use it. Working through a mobile app is the ultimate modern feature that will be loved by those of younger and older generations who appreciate advanced technology. A feature that is becoming utilized by many hearing aid manufacturers, it will undoubtedly continue to develop as time goes on.

Rechargeable custom hearing aids

Custom hearing aids are some of the most popular hearing aids that are available on the market. Therefore, by introducing rechargeable ones, you can be assured that you will get the most out of your hearing aids. No hearing aid user likes having to change their battery often, so a rechargeable hearing aid can offer convenience to wearers not wanting to frequently change their batteries. Using lithium-ion cells to recharge with ease, they are one of the biggest innovations of the year.

Hearing aids that can be controlled by the mind

A mind-controlled hearing aid is undeniably appealing to the mass audience of hearing aid wearers. Working by tracking/following brain activity, they allow the individual to amplify or decrease the sound of a voice over others. A breakthrough technology which has changed the hearing aid industry, it will make wearing a hearing aid feel more natural than ever. Perfect for crowded environments and occasions when you need to dial out background noise, it uses a clever sensor and artificial intelligence features. It can also be connected to smartphone assistants and has a feature within it that detects if the individual has fallen – which is a significant benefit that can be reaped by those of the older and younger generation.

How to choose a new pair of hearing aids

When it comes time to change your hearing aids, it's important to see what's available on the market. You can do this through the advice of your hearing instrument specialists. Nu Care can also help you in the fitting and testing process.

You can choose a new pair based on the type of hearing aid that you want in terms of style, your budget, your hearing loss needs and what features you want it to have. Equipping your hearing aid with the more advanced technology will slightly increase your investment, but can be well worth it for the added benefits.

It's essential to try the hearing aids out before you decide if they are the right ones for you. Doing a trial is always a good idea, no matter what model you go for. There are plenty of hearing aids available, from an array of manufacturers. They are expensive as you make them. You want them to be comfortable and practical; therefore, it's a good idea to research before you settle on one. Through research, you can also read reviews on the hearing aids.

Hearing aids will continue to develop with the times, and if you want to keep up to date, you will have to replace them eventually. This doesn't mean you will always require the newest model if your budget doesn't allow it, but by following the advancements, you can make sure you have a hearing aid that has all the features that you need and want.

If you want to seek treatment for a hearing aid, want to try out a new one and need help with fitting it, call Nu-Life Hearing Centre at (855) 867-7449, and we'll help you to find the best hearing aid solution.