Kind Words From Our Clients

"Thank you Nu-Life Hearing! I really appreciate what you do and your patience. You have been the best hearing aid specialists I've had since I started wearing hearing aids. You're also very quick with services whenever I have had an issue. Thanks again!"

Evelyn, 93

"I was very pleased with the congenial atmosphere and staff. My hearing has never been better since I got my new hearing aids."

Wayne Wells

"I received my new hearing aids in July and I have been very pleased. Ryan is very informative and thorough and I would highly recommend Nu-Life Hearing to anyone."

Joan Snelgrove

"Having a hearing loss since childhood, I never really knew what I was missing. But over the years, I have noticed myself struggling to hear in settings such as restaurants as well as the workplace. At Nu-Life Ryan explained every step from the hearing test to the actual fitting of a hearing aid. It was the most welcoming and informative experience I have encounted. I am truly grateful for Ryan putting me back into the hearing world."

Deb Alldread

"Ryan, Thank you for your patience and the extremely profesional way you've looked after me. I never had anyone use the equipment and test my hearing the way you have! I will recommend you to all my friends with silimar problems because you have given me back a life I thought I had lost. Thanks again. There aren't words to express my gratitude!"

Robert Barrow

"My hearing aid specialist is Ryan Steckley. He is at 43 Ontario Street, Bowmanville, ON, L1C 2S4. PHONE: 905-697-3838. As we talked about, make an appointment. You wont believe the man. I've spent 30 years with all the difficulties of not being able to hear. Now I am 92 and I can hear. Dont waste any more time."

Louise Van Alstye

"I went to Nu-Life Hearing Centre on advice from a friend to get my hearing checked a few years ago. They checked my hearing through various tests and gave me a diagnosis which showed considerable hearing loss. I knew I had some loss but they showed me just how much. They recommended a hearing aid kit which was visually unobtrusive and also comfortable to use. I found the kit very useful and when it was time for a new hearing aid, I had no hesitation going back to Nu-Life. I found the staff and owner knowledgable and helpful with my problem and the follow up care and attention I received over the years is just wonderful. Whether it was a cleaning of the hearing aids or helping and guiding me with adjustments and care of equipment or battery replacements. I got reminder calls for appointments and new batteries which I needed. I would and did recommend Nu-Life to anyone who may have any concerns or problems with their hearing."

Colm O'Reilly

"I was reluctant to admit that I had a hearing problem. Now that I have my hearing aids, I realized just how much I missed when the family gathered for Sunday dinner. I am glad I chose Nu-Life hearing, their help, understanding and professionalism was greatly appreciated. "

Bob W

"When my husband purchased his hearing aids from Nu-Life and I saw the level of expertise and service he received, I knew I wanted this for myself when it was time for me to replace my current hearing aids. I too purchased my hearing aids from Nu-Life and got the same high level of service."

Jill W

"I have been wearing hearing aids for many years and never really have been satisfied with them. Came to Nu-Life for a complimentary hearing test. I found the staff warm and friendly and Ryan very understanding and an expert in his profession. I am very happy with my new hearing aids - Sound and speech is so clear and natural. Thank you Nu-Life Hearing."

G. Alexander

"I brought my hearing aids elsewhere and experiened problems for 3 years. They just couldn't seem to fix the issues. All it took was one visit to Ryan, and he solved the problem right away. Now my husband goes to see Ryan too."

Marie and Ted Roeloffzen