The Gift of Hearing Foundation

Gift of Hearing actively supports education, hearing awareness and the enjoyment of hearing.

By the age of 10, most of us will already be able to tell you our blood type, vision score, and any allergies we may have. Most of us, however, will go through fifty to sixty years of our lives before having our first hearing test. Why is this the case with hearing? We believe that hearing is essential to maintaining connections with those we love. This is why we started the Gift of Hearing Foundation.

The Gift of Hearing Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate and do not have the means, support or funding to have a simple hearing test and proper diagnosis of hearing loss. The lack of hearing healthcare results in many issues for the essential development of a child, attending school, obtaining a career, communicating with family and friends. These are all simple things that in North American society we take for granted. In North America, we are blessed and privileged to have access to all necessary support in the healthcare industry. We have access to government funding for those with disabilities and support from governing agencies where a child with hearing loss does not go misdiagnosed.

Our goal at Gift of Hearing is to change this situation of neglect when it comes to hearing health. Our vision is to give a better understand of hearing health and its impact on mental health and overall wellness.

Give the gift of hearing so others can stay connected to those they love. Help us build awareness and support hearing healthcare for those in need. We accept new and used hearing aid donations as well as monetary donations.

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