When we think of earplugs, we most likely think of the little foam cylindrical plugs that people use on planes or at concerts. They are indeed a protective solution for the ear, but there are also custom earplugs that claim to be a little more effective. 

An earplug device is often inserted into the ear canal, which will muffle and soften loud noises and sounds, they may also be used during swimming to stop water entering the ear canal or any type of foreign body, including dust or wind. They reduce the sound volume in the ear and some people use them for a condition known as tinnitus, although often this does not have any impact on the ringing sound, it can improve it in some cases. 

Earplugs are made from a number of different materials, including polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, a type of memory foam, which can be compressed and modified to fit your ear, but often a one size fits all solution is not the best one. Having a solution that is tailor made to your needs is going to prove beneficial in many ways. 

What is a custom earplug?

A custom earplug is a specially made earplug which is created by using molds taken of your ear, by skilled professionals – often they are trained audiologists or hearing aid dispensers who will take impressions of your ear and send the samples to a laboratory for them to make your custom earplug. They are beneficial in many ways, due to the way in which they will snugly fit into your ear and be both comfortable and effective. They are created to stop any pressure in the ear and for you to wear easily no matter the situation. 

If you have previously used earplugs or use them daily, then custom earplugs could be something for you to look into. They are often made from soft silicone or acrylic which means they are much more durable than foam and custom earplugs do not have to be taken out when talking, chewing and providing full protection. 

Do custom earplugs work, are they helpful?

Yes, they can be very helpful. They are proven to be more effective than standard earplugs, mostly because they have an accurate fit in the ear and they have a much lower cost-per-use. They may cost a little extra initially but once you have your custom earplugs, they are certainly going to be a beneficial thing to have. They last much longer than standard earplugs that are a one-size-fits-all solution; these are not always going to block out the sound of anything else as well as a custom earplug. 

People’s ear size and shapes differ greatly; therefore, if you are using a regular earplug bought at the pharmacy, you may feel as if it is protecting your ear, but it may not be fitting as well as it could to protect your ear 100%. Custom earplugs will be able to protect your ears. 

What do custom earplugs have that regular ones don’t? 

Custom earplugs use special filters as well as molds, that will allow the level of noise reduction to be very precise. This means that you are getting the very best out of your earplug due to the way in which it seals the ear.

Earplugs do not just have to be worn by those with hearing loss or those with tinnitus but could be used for anyone as a protective barrier to sound. This may include workers and musicians, as often the exposure to loud decibels over time can damage your hearing, therefore, earplugs can certainly be used as a preventative measure. 

For swimmers, a custom earplug could provide protection from water entering into the ear, which can cause types of infection caused by bacteria build up. Prevention is always better than the cure. They can be used at any time and place and can be custom made to blend into your image or skin tone, so it looks non-invasive and is incredibly discreet. Well-made custom earplugs will provide adequate protection, but it is best to talk to your healthcare professional with any questions relating to how to wear them, how often to wear them and what is best for you. 

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