Hearing Tests

In nearly all cases, the first step toward better hearing is taking a hearing test. If you (or a friend or relative) suspect that you are losing some hearing ability, call us to set up a hearing test appointment. Hearing tests are painless and brief but provide many answers about your ability to hear in under an hour.

Hearing loss is a medical condition with many causes but one result: a lowered ability to understand speakers around you or hear other important sounds in your life. A large percentage of the population will experience significant hearing loss as they age.

Aging can cause deterioration to the structures of the ear used for hearing. A hearing test can determine the specific causes of your loss: damage of cilia (the tiny hairs that transmit sound waves) or other structures; injury or illness causing permanent or temporary loss; or nerve problems involving the auditory nerve and brain. The analysis of what and how you hear is a map for deciding the best treatment.

Considering a Hearing Test?

An easy way to become aware of a potential hearing loss is to pay attention to warning signs that may mean damage to your hearing. Our quick survey will help you determine your hearing test needs.

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The hearing test is the first step toward better hearing health. Nu-Life Hearing Centre is a full-service office providing you with the testing you need to get the treatment you deserve.

Live speech mapping

The loss of hearing usually means a decrease in the ability to understand speech. This is one of the most common symptoms people experience: “I can’t hear my friends when they talk.” Understanding speech is a vital part of hearing and communicating. Many people say they know someone is speaking but can’t understand the words.

Speech mapping tests use a probe to accurately detect the sound heard by your ears when someone is speaking. The probe detects the exact length, width and resonance factors of your ear and records them on a computer.

The test may be done with a friend or relative whose voice you know well. By speaking at various levels and using key words, the technician graphically records the results and will then start to find the best product for your needs.

Industrial hearing screening

Hazardous noise is a widespread problem in industrial environments. Companies whose workers are exposed to this noise (indoor and outdoor) are required to meet OSHA regulatory standards for hearing protection and sound levels in industrial environments. Our technicians use mobile equipment to give hearing tests at your location.

We also provide information about hearing protection, hearing loss prevention and protection products.